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Book Errata

Please report any errata you may find in the book to authors (at) We will include them in this page with thanks to the reader.

Chapter 3: The Seven Quality Control Tools in a Nutshell: R and ISO Approaches

Page 95: The first chunk of code in this page includes the following error: Recepcionist should be corrected to Receptionist. It is just a typo that does not change the basic behaviour of the code. This is the correct code, that has been updated in the Chapters section:

cManpower <- c("Receptionist", "Record. Operator", 
               "Storage operators")
cMaterials <- c("Supplier", "Transport agency", 
cMachines <- c("Compressor type", 
               "Operation conditions",
               "Machine adjustment")
cMethods <- c("Reception", "Transport method")
cMeasurements <- c("Recording method", 
                   "Measurement appraisal")
cGroups <- c("Manpower", "Materials", "Machines", 
             "Methods", "Measurements")
cEffect <- "Too high density"  

And the subsequent code chunks will produce the correct Figures 3.1 and 3.2 with the right text.

With thanks to our reader Julian Harty, who kindly reported the errata.

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